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Managing up and down in the organization and being an engagement role model, especially in fundraising, pose daily challenges.  Setting priorities is essential, and sticking to them.  Consulting services can bring clarity, focus energies, and lead to greater success.


Even successful programs will benefit from a carefully executed advancement assessment.  Staffing, assignments, performance measures and programs will be analyzed, including one-on-one staff interviews, to reveal program and staff strengths and weaknesses.


Data, perceptions of key constituents, and institutional plans are collected and reviewed with an outside eye, revealing patterns often missed by those within the organization.

Recommendations are presented with an aim to build on strengths and correct weaknesses.  


Often coupled with an advancement audit, the campaign feasibility study or readiness study will examine historical performance, identify trends, and perform one on one feasibility interviews with key stakeholders and prospects.


Interview results will be used to understand the perceptions of  your most important constituents on institutional and program readiness to achieve the goals of the proposed campaign   The study creates an unmatched opportunity to test an institution's vision for the future and the funding levels likely needed to support the vision.  Key constituents' perceptions and level of interest are captured and presented in the confidential study report.




In a campaign or not, the chief executive officer and the chief engagement officer must be attuned to key constituents.  Focused executive coaching provides a confidential, reliable, and effective approach to improving management, personal donor engagement and solicitation, and leadership success inside and outside the institution.


Executive coaching can improve time management, prospect management, and gift success.

Your board is critical to the institution's success.  Board make-up, your relationship with the board and its members, and effective board organization and activity can be great assets....or great distractions to institutional progress.  


Evaluate your board and use McKelvey Consulting to implement and improve the critical aspects.

Campaign counsel guides the campaign preparation and/or needed changes which an institution and its staff must undertake to reach campaign success.  A definitive campaign plan, insight on staffing decisions, and campaign leadership recruitment and management are crucial elements addressed by counsel.


Conducting each phase of a campaign requires astute planning and execution in order to achieve the campaign goal.  Counsel will be there to maximize staff productivity and crucial volunteer and donor engagement.


 The change process is well documented, but living it can be difficult without the benefit of an experienced and independent eye observing and advising .  Use McKelvey Consulting to accept and embrace change as a constant, valuable dynamic.  

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