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McKelvey Photo.jpg

Rick McKelvey 
Decades of engagement, fundraising and management experience, keen listening skills, and creativity combine in a consulting practice that benefits new programs and breathes life into existing programs  across the non-profit sector. 



"Independent, incisive and action-oriented."
With 40 years of hands on  engagement, management and fundraising experience, Rick McKelvey provides valuable and needed guidance in all stages and facets of fundraising, strategic analysis , program assessment, campaign planning and execution.
  •  Assessment

  • Readiness/Feasibility Study

  • Campaign Counsel

  • ​Executive Coaching

  • Board Development

  • Change Management

  • Fundraising Consultant


"My Chocolate Labrador, Henry, provided me with a constant reminder that good consulting (like a good Lab) combines patience and good listening with the ability to spring into action at any time.  I am ready to help you and your institution achieve success," says Rick.

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